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There has never been a better time to go solar in South Carolina! Click our link above to discover what programs and incentives we can offer to assist your efforts.

Solar Doesn't Work!

Did you know that solar panels are more efficient than plants? We can assure you, if you have any plants, weeds, trees, or grass where you live, then solar will work.

Monitor Savings

Rest assured, your system is functioning well... Remotely monitor your system performance, or via 3rd-party services to ensure you are getting the most of your investment.

Custom Designed

Salt Air Exposure – High Wind Loads - Humidity Sloped, flat, shingle, metal... We have a solution for just about any surface. Residential, Commercial, and Industrial.


You’ve Seen Us Around Town...
We live here. We know local conditions. Not all systems are equal.

Our design requirements are very different from other parts of the country.



Helping You Harness Natural Resources...
Here at Southern Atlantic Solar, we also realize the importance of having an energy efficient home or business before pursuing a solar system, so we offer comprehensive energy audits that are completed by our BPI-certified professionals to ensure the residence or building is in optimal condition. This process can save you a great deal of money now as well as in the future, so this is why we recommend the energy audit as the initial step in your decision to install a solar system.

With strong government and utility incentive programs, South Carolina has become a great place to invest in solar energy.  Our team of experts can show you how solar power can be integrated, dramatically reducing or even eliminating an electric utility bill.

From a single-family homeowner to a multi-million dollar structure, Southern Atlantic Solar has an alternative energy solution for you. Our company has a dedicated network of engineers and experienced installers to provide you with quality products and service. We also make sure you receive all available cash rebates from utility service providers and manufacturers. Federal and State incentives, including grants and tax credits, are all part of our package and we won’t simply tell you where to get the forms, we will help you from start to finish.

Manage Your Power From Anywhere

Monitoring On The Go...
Rest assured, your system is functioning well...
Remotely monitor your system performance yourself, or via third-party services to ensure you are getting the most out of your investment.

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Happy Clients. Here at Southern Atlantic Solar, we strive to provide only the best service, and cutting edge equipment. We offer ongoing support allowing clients to stay up to date with programs and incentives. We guarantee our work and will ensure that you get exactly what you bargained for.

No hidden fees, change orders or last minute price hikes. See what our clients are saying about us…

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  • Southern Atlantic Solar was great to work with during my solar installation. Bryce and team have great working relationships with all the required permit issuers Read More
    Monte Stenger
  • Southern Atlantic Solar has just completed installing a 14 KW solar system for my house that is working flawlessly and I would like to recommend Read More
    Charles Lucas
  • Bryce is very knowledgeable and does a thorough assessment to ensure the solar system meets your needs. He assesses your home to show you ways Read More
    Shirley Brown
  • Southern Atlantic Solar, under the leadership of Mr. Bryce Hoch, possesses many outstanding skills necessary for the successful design and installation a solar system. With Read More
    Richard Slack
  • I had been thinking about switching over to solar power for a long time. One day on the way home a Southern Atlantic Solar truck Read More
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